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It's free to register and our online administration interface is very intuitive. It will allow you to:

  • ✔ Reinforce the online visibility of your business
  • ✔ Immediately acquire new clients
  • ✔ Increase your turnover

Every day, millions of people search for offers and services online. A huge number of clients can find you easily thanks to your business's presence in Clickcool's online professional directory.

Clickcool's advantages for your marketing strategy

  • ✔ Strengthen your appearance in search engines with our SEO
  • ✔ Easily create effective online advertisments and reach new clients
  • ✔ Optimize your budget to reach target demographcis
  • ✔ Gain visibility and presence on the internet


Our services consist of:

Virtual storefront
  • ✔ A web page dedicated to presenting your business online and in our directory. The site is customizable, with a built contact form. The informations are detailed and your business is geo-localized to reach local customers.

Corporate Storefront
  • ✔ 100% independent and customizable site, completely independent from Clickcool. Choose from a range of templates, themes and colors. Ideal for professionals who desire a quick and easy web site. The site can have it's own domain name (
  • ✔ Choose up to 5 keywords per store for a total of 10 for the two virtual stores), to help your site be indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Commercial Advertisements and Publicity
  • ✔ Advertise your services and offers on our network, including: images, text, and audience targetted by category. The advertisements are automatically combined with your storefront allowing users to find targeted and consolidated information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • ✔ Our professional clients are automatically indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing, thanks to our technology and our optimization algorithms.

Web Analytics
  • ✔ Our clients have a tool to measure the audience of your storefront and to establish useful statistics for the purpose of evaluating qualified visits and the impact of your advertisments worldwide. This data is run through Google Analytics.

  • ✔ Clickcool has a wide network of partners which can benefit clients who subscribe to a Business pack. The affiliate program will serve to improve your online reputation and visibility, notably by publishing articles to the press.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • ✔ All of the information from your virtual storefront, as well as published advertisments, are automatically index by search engines. This solution requires no technical ability, this service is included in our offerings.

E-commerce Module
  • ✔ This module can be easily and quickly integrated into your virtual storefront. It will allow your customers to order items for delivery or for pickup in your local store or showroom.

Reservations and Bookings for Hotels and Restaurants
  • ✔ This feature allows users to easily reserve a room or a table at your establishment online.

  • ✔ Your services can be presented in multiple languages, assuring you an international presence and maximizing the number of target clients reached. This applies to the totality of your virtual storefront, corporate page and your advertisements.
  • ✔ Clickcool can translate your information programatically or by a professional translator.

  • ✔ Our online billing management module can automatically create invoices to send to your clients as PDFs, including your logo. This simple solution will save you precious time and will replace complicated billing software.

Professional Email Address
  • ✔ Create a professional email address which conforms to the LPD> Numerous small businesses work with Gmail addresses, which can make you lose credibility with your clients. A professional email provides a level of confidence and will help with your online reputation.

VoIP Telephony
  • ✔ Clickcool offers VoIP telephone lines, which will allow you to make free calls, reducing the cost of your communication. You will receive a fixed Swiss phone number. This offer is for our clients in the Business Office level.

Secure Payments
  • ✔ Clients who buy products or services on our platform pay with complete security. Our technology allows the users to choose which currency in which to make their payments, without exchange fees or comissions that other sites have.

Professional Directory
  • ✔ All members you register on Clickcool are automatically added to our online directory, which is searchable by key words and the type of activity. This listing presents an important advantage to be visibile to potential clients.

Fast and Easy
  • ✔ All your ads are centralized in one place.
  • ✔ A simple, personalized administrative interface to allow you to control your online advertisements.
  • ✔ A simple way to post your ads, with fields pre-filled in with your information.

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